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All aboard, ready to depart

As I prepare to complete my 9th and  final year as an educator at an international high school and enter ‘retirement’ from the profession in a traditional sense, teaching will always remain a part of my identity. As an intercultural trainer who helps schools and individuals with transition, I’m now embarking on my own transition […]


Thanks for visiting my page. I’m an independent cross-cultural trainer and learning specialist with expertise in helping students, educators, senior leadership, and families transition to and from new cultural contexts. Through tailored transition and intercultural engagement programs, my goal is to help improve student achievement, educator fulfilment, and family cohesion.  I have experience working with […]

Top 6 Challenges I faced as an educator new to an International School

There is an abundance of challenges we face as a teacher new to a school, but those challenges are compounded when you are transitioning to an international school. Perhaps the biggest challenge is being unsure of our needs and which activities or support would best aid our transition. Here are the top 6 challenges I […]

What is teacher ‘cross-over’?

While teachers go through an adjustment and transition period when starting at a new school or a new position, teachers who work in International Schools (ISs) appear to encounter additional challenges (Alexander and Daresh, 2016). Teachers in ISs are required to do more than transition, they must ‘cross-over’. While the term ‘crossing-over’ is not widely […]

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