Proven strategies and content to ensure a successful cultural transition from someone who has been there.

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Teacher and Student Orientation and Transition

Are you moving to a new job, country, or cultural context and want support ?

Are you in charge of creating a student, teacher, or staff orientation for new employees?

Do you want to improve the transition experience for those at your school?

If so I can deliver new teacher/ student/ staff orientations. I can help your school create, establish and train an in-house program director to deliver an orientation program which helps new teachers transition to your school.

Family Transition

Moving to a new part of the world, even for the most adventurous of us, is always a challenge. However the most difficult part of this challenge involves taking the same route with your family and children accompanying you.

By helping families to transition to their new cultural context through personalised coaching I can help you ensure your overseas adventure is not only good for your career but also a successful and fulfilling experience for your family.

Train the Trainer

Delivered in conjunction with The Interchange Institute this unique training-of-trainers programme is designed for people who are already working with people from other cultures and who want new ideas, new materials and a new level of understanding about how to offer a top-notch cultural orientation.

After attending this training programme we made changes to our on-boarding process that resulted in a measurable improvement to new recruit satisfaction.

Natalie B